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    Stamp Availability top

    Q:  When will your stamps be shown on the website and available for purchase?

    A:  We anticipate officially re-launching our new stamp line in August 2019.  However, there will be opportunities to Pre-Order many of the sets we will have available at a pre-order discounted price.

    Pre-Ordering top

    Q:  How do I find out about pre-order specials?

    A:  You would need to sign up to be added to our mailing list.  Sign up information is below.

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    Why Clear Stamps top

    Q: What type of stamps will you be offering - red rubber or clear stamps?  Why?

    A: We have chosen to go with Clear Photopolymer Stamps for several reasons.

    1. We are offering "elemental" stamps and going with clear stamps gives the ability to actually see where you are stamping making elemental stamping much easier.
    2. We did not want to offer wood mounted stamps and felt that clear stamps was the best way to go for unmounted stamps.
    3. Cost effective.  With our clear stamps, there is no need to purchase wood blocks or even any other mounting system (double stick tape, restickable glue, cling foam, etc).  Our clear stamps adhere directly to the acrylic block or acrylic rod with no other supplies necessary.
    4. No cutting required.  All of our clear stamps come ready to use.  There is no cutting of rubber required.  No more sore or tired hands.  No more expensive scissors.
    5. No cushion required.  Clear stamps do not require the cushion that is often necessary with red rubber.
    6. No indexing necessary as with unmounted rubber sheets.
    7. Ease of storage.  Our clear stamps come already indexed and adhered to their very own plastic protector sheet.  These can easily be stored in a photo storage box, in a 7 Gypsies Photo Carousel, Clip It Up Storage Carousel, etc.  Since there are no wood blocks and no cushion our clear stamps take up much less space for storage.  The possibilities are endless and so very simple, cost-effective and versatile.
    8. Fine detail in our stamp designs works perfectly with clear stamps. 

    Name Change top

    Q: Why did the name change from Rubbertree Enterprises?

    A: Rubbertree Enterprises was closed several years before Elemental Doodles™ for various reasons.  When we decided to change to clear stamps not only did the name "Rubbertree" not fit, but we wanted a fresh new look, feel and start with the company.  And we needed a name that more aptly fit the images and concept we are producing.  We loved the name Elemental Doodles™ as it reflected what we are trying to accomplish with the "Elemental Stamping" technique we will be promoting.  We think the new name is cute and catchy.  We hope you agree.

    Retired Rubbertree Images top

    Q: Will the retired Rubbertree Images be available once again as clear stamps?

    A: Yes, gradually.  We will be making many (not all) of the Rubbertree Enterprises images available as clear stamps.  Some of the image sets will go through some revisions before they are created in clear stamps.  The revisions may include size changes, deleting or adding to the collection of images in a set, offering the set in multiple sizes specifically for elemental stamping, image alteration for the purpose of elemental stamping, etc.  

    Design Team top

    Q: Will you have a design team? If so, how does one become a part of your design team?  And what do you offer your design team members?

    A: We will have a design team.  We will post all of the Elemental Doodles™ Design Team (EDDT) information on the Design Team Call page.  You will find this page in the left side navigation panel as soon as it is available.

    International Shipping top

    Q: Do you ship Internationally?

    A: We are happy to ship internationally.  However, our prices are listed in USD.  Shipping fees may be higher as well as payment of conversion fees if making payment via Paypal.  We prefer international orders to be paid via Paypal.

    Answer Not Found top

    Q: How do I submit a question that is not answered here?

    A: If you have a question that is not already answered here please send us an email at mel@elementaldoodles.com and we will gladly answer your questions.

    Yellowing of Clear Stamps top

    Q: Do your clear stamps yellow?

    A: Our clear stamps are designed to be non-yellowing.  However, this does not mean they will not stain from certain types of inks.  So while they will not yellow they may stain from some of the inks currently used in rubberstamping.  In addition, if they are not stored properly (out of direct sunlight and not in excessive heat) they may yellow from improper storage and handling.

    Life Span of Clear Stamps top

    Q: How long do clear stamps last?

    A: Our clear stamps have been manufactured using the highest quality of photopolymer materials and with proper care and storage will last a lifetime.  With that said, we have some of our clear stamps from 2009 that are still in new condition and work as perfectly as they did the day they were delivered.

    Fine Detailed Images top

    Q: Is it possible to have as finely detailed images with clear stamps as there is with stamps made of rubber?

    A: It is a wide misconception that clear stamps do not produce as finely detailed images as rubber stamps do.  Our clear stamps will produce just as fine (if not more) detailed images as any rubber stamp will.  The secret to getting crisp and fine lines with clear stamps is to not use as much pressure as you would when using a stamp made from rubber.  By using less pressure the fine details will not "smoosh" into thicker lines.  Try it...you'll see what we mean.

    Natural "Tack" top

    Q: Do clear stamps lose their "stick"?

    A: It is possible that some brands of clear stamps may lose their "tack" or possibly not stick at all from the start to an acrylic block (or any other surface for that matter).  Some brands of clear stamps are manufactured overseas out of a mold injected silicone which is a very different material than what is used to manufacture our stamps.  However, our clear stamps are manufactured with a natural "tack" to them as they are made of a photopolymer material.  If for some reason our stamps lose their "tack" just wash them with warm water and soap and they will regain their original "tack".

    Priming Clear Stamps top

    Q: Is it necessary to prime your clear stamps?  If so, how is this done?

    A:  We realize that it is necessary to "prime" some brands of clear stamps by rubbing the surface with an eraser or other material.  However, our clear stamps do NOT require any "priming" at all.  They are ready to use right out of the package.  Inks do not pool on the surface of our stamps either.

    Latex Allergy top

    Q: I am allergic to latex.  Can I still use clear stamps?

    A:  Photopolymer is latex-free and has NO known ingredients that are harmful to you. 

    Cleaning Clear Stamps top

    Q: What is the best way to clean clear stamps?

    A: We suggest using our Clear Stamp Cleaner and Scrubber Pad.  It was specially formulated to clean and condition photopolymer clear stamps.  Never soak or let any of your stamps sit in a solvent or alcohol-based cleaner as these can break down all types of stamps.